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The New Horizons March is played by New Horizons Bands all over the United States and Canada. Its first national and international exposure was its performance under the direction of NH founder, Dr. Roy Ernst at the Chatauqua, N.Y. band camp in September 2004.  The music was written by Jack Hossfeld and Jud Goodrich and lyrics are by Tom Hitchcock. It was dedicated to New Horizons Band of Sonoma County. It has special significance to our group because Jud Goodrich and Tom Hitchcock are members of our local band, but the march is offered free to all New Horizons bands.  (Click here to play)


Come join your friends today;

You'll be playing soon.

Chase all your cares away

With a joyful tune, Rah, Rah, Rah.

Best things in life are free;

Get them while you can.

A-one, a-two and off we go together

In the New Horizons Band.